Ride Report: Bellanca Aries T-250

AriesL34Probably the best part about being a flight instructor is meeting new people and experiencing new things. In December, a student of mine made an interesting request – he’d just bought an airplane and lacked the endorsements to fly it home so he asked that I go pick it up for him. Little did I know that I’d be laying hands on a piece of history in the form of the Bellanca T-250.

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The Perfect Passenger Brief

Perhaps one of the least understood checklist items is the passenger briefing.  There’s a fair bit that goes into it and most that I’ve heard are skeletal and lacking substance.

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Review: FlightLogg.in

About this time last year I decided to start backing up my logbook with an electronic copy in case it was stolen or fell into a paper shredder or something else terminal, but I couldn’t find one I really liked.

After much careful consideration I decided that a local database on my laptop would be the solution and started creating fields and entering data – a tedious (yet exhausting) task which worked out ok but still left something to be desired in the usability department.  That, and I totally ruined the database a few months later while trying to add a field – so I scrapped the project and resumed searching for an acceptable piece of logbook software.  Hopefully one that didn’t involve tearing my hair out trying to learn a complicated UI, and that has all the features I want without costing an arm and a leg.

Enter FlightLogg.in, it’s completely free (the source code’s open too) and is constructed about like you’d expect a logbook to be.  Here’s a quick rundown of what it’s all about:

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Random and Hilariously Improbable Question

Ever wondered what our little planes would do if we put them on other planets in the Solar System?

Wonder no more – since Randall Munroe (author of the xkcd webcomic) has answered that question for us.

I find all of his posts at least somewhat amusing, so if you don’t follow already you probably should.

New Beginnings

Got my first student today – a guy who’s previous instructor bailed on him and now I have the opportunity to mold my very own ball of clay.

Now that I’m the one in the right seat hollering about things like adding full power before getting the flaps out on a go around and using proper phraseology on the radio.
Point is – I wouldn’t be the pilot I am today without the influence of several people who once were (and still are) friends and now colleagues.

In short – thanks guys.  I owe you one.

G1000 Familiarization

C172, G1000Now that I’ve got a hefty list of alphabet soup hanging off of the end of my name, I think it’s appropriate for me to go ahead and start familiarizing myself with systems and devices I wouldn’t have come in contact with in the course of my training.

A logical place to start is the G1000 since so many people say that they’re the wave of the future.  Well, that, and Sporty’s sent me a wall poster of the above image as a congratulatory gift.

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